Here I stand

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This year the „Peaceful Revolution“ of autumn 1989 celebrates its 25th anniversary. Concurrently, this year’s theme of the  Luther Decade is “Reformation and Politics”.
The congregation „Gemeinde am Weinberg“ has launched an event-series under the motto “Here I Stand”, which encourages finding current commitments and political interventions. “Spaces of Resistance” (Widerstandsräume) highlight the role of the church in society, notably in the German Democratic Republic; discussions with contemporary witnesses as well as the search for to date unpublished documents, photos and individual, personal, stories. Together, historic sites of the “Peaceful Revolution” i.e. the Umwelt-Bibliothek or Environmental Library and the “Kirche von Unten – KvU” or Church from Below, an underground punk community, are (re-) discovered.